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Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your current career track or take another one altogether, this podcast is a great resource.  Some PT’s experience burnout early in their career and strive to find something new and fulfilling.  Whether it’s a career as an educator or as a non-clinical PT, there is a huge variety of careers tracks available to PT’s, OT’s, and SLP’s.

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Latest Episodes

21: Financial Independence and Student Loans with Emma Shapiro DPT

In this episode, I bring Emma Shapiro back on the show to talk about financial independence and what that means for physical therapists in today’s world. 

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20: PTProgress with Tim Fraticelli DPT

In this episode I sit down with Tim to talk about his journey to become a professional blogger and physical therapist.

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19: Sales with Allan Manuel PT

In this episode, I sit down with Allan Manuel, a physiotherapist from Australia who has worked hard to take his skills and translate them into a variety of fields...

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PT Outside The Box

Too many therapists burn out and struggle to find meaning and passion in their career.  This podcast is dedicated to helping new grads and seasoned PT’s:

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Will Crane PT, DPT

Show Host

Will Crane PT, DPT is the host of the PT Outside the Box podcast and a practicing PT.  In addition to teaching, Will loves getting outdoors and hanging out with his wife and kids.  Read more…

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