4: PTPintcast: An Interview with Jimmy McKay DPT

Take a journey with Jimmy McKay DPT from his radio days to physical therapy and finally to his career as a communications specialist.  We talk about his podcast and professional journey that is taking this PT DJ to new heights.

The PT Pintcast is a unique podcast in the world of PT.  As Jimmy likes to point out, the best conversations happen at happy hour.

The podcast stemmed from Jimmy’s experience as a young PT who wanted to pick the brain of a presenter at a PT conference.

Jimmy took the plunge and started a conversation that sent him down the path that he is currently on.  As a communications specialist, Jimmy was able to start a podcast during school and has now transitioned out of the clinic and focuses 100% on communications related to PT.  In fact, he even created his own job as a communication specialist over at Fox Rehab.

In addition to his podcast, Jimmy travels the country, speaking at schools and events as an advocate for the PT Profession.

In this podcast, we talk about his journey and the advice he has for new grads coming into the field.