Month: January 2019

22: Nomadicare with Laura Latimer

So if you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what travel therapy is really like.  Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore!  In this episode, I sit down with Laura Latimer, founder of Nomadicare and we talk about all the in’s and out’s of the travel therapy world.  From the pay to the taxes, we try to hit all of the important things to remember as you find a good travel therapy fit.

21: Financial Independence and Student Loans with Emma Shapiro DPT

In this episode, I bring Emma Shapiro back on the show to talk about financial independence and what that means for physical therapists in today’s world. 

20: PTProgress with Tim Fraticelli DPT

In this episode I sit down with Tim to talk about his journey to become a professional blogger and physical therapist.