Month: October 2018

11: Rebel PT with TaVona Denise PT

TaVona Denise shares her varied experience in the world of PT, starting as a new grad in a high-volume clinic and eventually starting her own PT contracting business to create her ideal career setting.  In this episode, TaVona talks about her journey and gives suggestions for how PT’s can avoid burnout and make more out of their career.

10: Travel Therapy with Neil and Tom at Aspen Medical Staffing

Being a travel therapist is becoming more and more popular these days.  In this episode with Neil Sauter DPT and Tom Juberian DPT talk about how Aspen Medical Staffing can help new grads and seasoned therapists push the reset button on their career tracks and take advantage of the benefits of being a travel therapist.

9: Hospital CEO with Darin Dransfield PT

Darin Dransfield PT was my first boss and a great mentor to me as a young physical therapist.  In this episode, we talk about his career development as he went from staff PT to hospital CEO and what steps he took along the way.

8: Pink Oatmeal with Chanda Jothen DPT

Chanda Jothen DPT is the founder and creator of, an excellent resource for pediatric therapists, parents, and educators of young children.

In this episode, we explore her journey as a physical therapist starting a side hustle that has now become a full-time gig that she can work from home.

You can see all of the products Chanda has to offer via the link below:


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7: Education and Women’s Health with Elizabeth Willison DPT

Elizabeth Willison is a prime example of how entrepreneurship and sticktoitiveness have led to an engaging career in education.  We talk about her journey right out of school into her own practice that eventually paved the way to become an educator.

6: Entrepreneurship with Keith Cronin DPT

Keith is a guy who understands what it’s like to be a “square peg in a round hole.”  In this episode, we talk about his journey out of the high-volume clinic into a world of product development and entrepreneurial ventures.

5: NxtGen with Francois Prizinski DPT

Francois Prizinski DPT is a great advocate for specialization in the field of physical therapy.  In this episode, we chat about how to practice “at the top of your license” and achieve your career goals through specialty practice.

Francois is the VP of Administration at NxtGen Institute of Physical Therapy and is an advocate for specialization in the field of PT. 

NxtGen is a leader in specialty residencies and provides numerous options to help clinicians “practice at the top of their license.”

In this episode, we talk about how to improve your practice and seek more fulfillment in your career as you add skills and become the expert of your craft.

4: PTPintcast: An Interview with Jimmy McKay DPT

Take a journey with Jimmy McKay DPT from his radio days to physical therapy and finally to his career as a communications specialist.  We talk about his podcast and professional journey that is taking this PT DJ to new heights.

The PT Pintcast is a unique podcast in the world of PT.  As Jimmy likes to point out, the best conversations happen at happy hour.

The podcast stemmed from Jimmy’s experience as a young PT who wanted to pick the brain of a presenter at a PT conference.

Jimmy took the plunge and started a conversation that sent him down the path that he is currently on.  As a communications specialist, Jimmy was able to start a podcast during school and has now transitioned out of the clinic and focuses 100% on communications related to PT.  In fact, he even created his own job as a communication specialist over at Fox Rehab.

In addition to his podcast, Jimmy travels the country, speaking at schools and events as an advocate for the PT Profession.

In this podcast, we talk about his journey and the advice he has for new grads coming into the field.

3: Non-Clinical PT with Meredith Castin DPT

Most PT’s are unaware of the many non-clinical careers are available to the field.  This is a great primer to the non-clinical jobs that may be a good fit for your skills.

Meredith Castin DPT is an “outside-the-box” PT who works with clinicians across the country to prepare them for non-traditional roles in the field of physical therapy. 

Her blog The Non-Clinical PT discusses at length the great scope and variety of professional careers that PT’s (and any allied health care provider) can work towards.

Not everyone is cut out to be a high-volume therapist.  Sometimes it’s not that you don’t love the field of PT, it’s just that you don’t feel like you are using your skill-set to the best of your ability.

The Non-Clinical PT highlights practitioners who have transitioned out of direct patient care and are now in a variety of fields from clinical analyst, to writer, to entrepreneur.

In this podcast, we go over just a few of the many options that PT’s have and talk about how to avoid burnout as a practicing clinician. 

In addition to writing, Meredith offers 1-on-1 career coaching and is preparing to launch a course to help PT’s find the career of their dreams.

Find out more about The Non-Clinical PT

2: Women’s Health Entrepreneurship with Abby Bales DPT

Right from the heart of NYC, Abby Bales DPT is an enthusiastic speaker and educator in the fields of entrepreneurship and women’s health.  In this episode, we discuss how her practice has grown and what she does to keep pushing the boundaries and grow her practice.

Topics include her concierge PT practice in the great city of NYC and how she built a robust practice in the field of women’s health that has transformed her professional life and helped many women along the way.

Check out her practice at


Reform PT NYC

1: Introduction with Will Crane DPT

The Beginning

Every new beginning comes with a whole new set of challenges and rewards.  

When a DPT graduate comes out of school, this new beginning is a great chance to get their feet wet and really dive into the world of physical therapy.  This journey can begin in a number of settings:

  • Outpatient orthopaedic clinic
  • Home Health
  • SNF
  • Travel positions
  • Private practice
  • Hospitals
  • Etc.

Wherever your journey begins, it is safe to say that there are always advantages and disadvantages.  

One of the huge disadvantages that I see so many students face is in their first high-volume clinical setting.  In these places. PT’s have the opportunity to work like crazy and hone their skills, but unfortunately, it can sometimes drive you crazy.

It sometimes feels like you’re in the box.

PT Outside the Box

For some it happens sooner, and for others it happens later, but I think it happens to all clinicians.  The heavy schedules, ever-increasing paperwork, and limited vacation time can really take its toll.  Most therapists in the trenches will tell you that they are pushing 50-60 hours/week and have to frequently stay late to get all their paperwork done.  This is a perfect recipe for burning out quickly.

Clinician burnout is a real thing and can happen sooner than you think.  The average PT burns out somewhere around 5 years (sometimes much sooner).  In my case, it was around year 4 when I really felt the squeeze.  Feeling overburdened and itching for novelty, I began my first online PT business and started the journey to financial independence.

Many PT’s will tell you that they are sticking it out at their current job fora  few different reasons:

  • They feel like there are no other reasonable options
  • They feel like they have to stay with the company to keep their benefits and not “lose out.”
  • They are still strapped with 10’s of thousands of student loan debt and have to have a corporate job for the fringe benefits.

Whether you’re feeling burned out or just looking for a change, this podcast is for you.  In the PT Outside the Box Podcast, we explore all the many, many options you have as a physical therapist to use your skills and really make a difference.

I’m anxious to hear your story and put content on the podcast that you’re interested in.  Please feel free to contact me here and let me know of any interesting and creative ways to use a PT license.

We’re all professionals, and we’re looking to practice in the way that fits our skills best.

Start your journey today and become an Outside the Box PT.