15: DebtFreePT with Emma Shapiro DPT

In this episode, we talk with Emma Shapiro DPT, a practicing PT who has a great story about transitioning into travel therapy and runs a successful business talking about how to escape the burden of PT student loan debt.

Emma Shapiro DPT and DebtFreePT.com

Emma Shapiro Is a successful physical therapist, blogger, and entrepreneur and has been serving PT students for several years now. Emma’s blog is the debtfreePT.com And she is passionate about helping students and therapists achieve financial independence through a variety of means.

In this episode, Emma shares some of her experiences as a travel therapist and her journey as she works towards debt freedom. We also talked about the burden of student loans and Some solutions to overcoming that early in your career.

Emma also has a fantastic coaching program that she implements on her site debt freePT.com where she helps new grad physical therapists who are thinking about becoming travel therapists make the transition with as few headaches as possible.

You can learn more about Emma and her projects here or sign up for her course here.