16: Healthy Funnel with Will Boyd DPT


Will Boyd DPT is a physical therapist and entrepreneur with loads of experience in the digital marketing realm.  Will takes his skills and has translated them into a variety of successful ventures including podcasts and course creation.

The Know-Bodies Podcast

This podcast by Will Boyd is a podcast dedicated to helping PT’s understand the answers to real-world questions.

Through this experience, Will began his venture into the tech world by building a substantial podcast and blog following.

Outside the Box Skills

With this jump into the tech world, Will began learning more about marketing, sales, and advertising.  He now owns a media and marketing company that teaches other healthcare professionals how to market and advertise for their businesses.

Will first became disenchanted with the corporate PT world when he discovered that there was no correlation between the quality of his professional practice and his compensation.  In fact, he describes how he had a number of conversations with his higher-ups in corporate care that informed him he was not seeing his patients for long enough.  This was extremely frustrating and led to his desire to break out of the corporate physical therapy world.

Healthy Funnel

HealthyFunnel.com is a service that helps healthcare practices to attract and capture potential clients via a healthy sales funnel.

View more about Will’s services here.


Listen to this episode to change your paradigm from being a “technician” in a service environment to becoming a “rain-maker” who is providing a broader service that doesn’t have to trade time for money.